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Even without knowing much of our business on a day to day is conditioned by the Civil Law: inheritance we receive or with which we are not satisfied, a tenant do not pay your rent or a landlord who failed to perform a ... separation or divorce are regulated by the Civil Code activities. 

In Garcia Agudín & Aranguena we can help these and other issues of everyday life: if you feel you do not know what to do or if you have questions about what the best options available, please contact us.
María Jesús y Fernando en su despacho en García Agudín & Aranguena

  • Management, and extrajudicial and judicial claims for debt collection transactions.
  • Real rights and property rights: injunctions, industrial action and easements.
  • Inheritance law (wills and estates).
  • Statement of disability, absence and death.
  • Leases (transfers, updates income, evictions)
  • Proceedings before Courts:

- Compliance resolution and termination of contract.

- Marital processes (separation, divorce, annulment).

- Judicial Divisions wealth, inheritance divisions.

- Complaints about parentage, paternity, maternity.

- Mortgage and Registration Procedure.

- Contractual and tort liability.

- Claims arising from automobile accidents.

- Verbal, ordinary, admonitory and exchange procedures.

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