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No one is free to make a mistake and we can commit, knowingly or not, a crime. In this case it is essential to have the support of professionals fast and accurate right: no place for indecision.
Whether you need defense in complex corporate procedures or if stopped and needs assistance of counsel in any of the situations in which this can occur, our office will all his zeal in its defense is under the rule of law.

Everyone has the right to be defended and to be respected under the law. There can be no exception to this principle.

After years of experience we are ready to become the best support in difficult situations.

  • Trial of Misdemeanors, Criminal Procedures and Abbreviated Abstracts.
  • Proceedings of the Jury Act.
  • Juvenile justice proceedings.
  • Crimes against traffic safety.
  • Crimes against honor, libel, slander.
  • Crimes against persons.
  • Crimes against property, robbery, theft, fraud, misappropriation, falsehoods.
  • Juvenile justice proceedings.
  • Crimes against intellectual property.
  • Criminal-economic sphere.
  • Punishable insolvency.
  • Crimes against business property.
  • Fiscal offenses.
  • Corporate crimes.
  • Criminal liability of directors.

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